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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My first post since moving to India.  We haven't had fast enough internet until now.  We were using a dial up connection!  Wow, it was like going back ten years in internet usage!  So glad to be in our apartment so we can have DSL!

Today I am going to make an attempt at baking some banana muffins, I found the recipe I am trying here:

I'll be sure and post how it all turns out.  I have been busy moving into our apartment and also crocheting a "Pink Pineapple" doily, just something to keep my hands busy while we were living at the resort awaiting our apartment.

I have had a hard time adjusting to India, the food, the water, the monsoon... but hopefully things will get better for me. We are truly blessed to have good employment in these troubled times.  I have been busy looking for on-line sources and found some of my favorites like King Arthur Flour will ship to India!  But others won't like Knit Picks!
My children at the Clubhouse resort

We've seen as many as 6 on a scooter.  It's an amazing site

Which is really important because we have a great difficulty finding things like refined sugar, brown sugar etc.  I am so glad that I know how to cook our favorite foods.  I once read a quote by Brigham Young which roughly stated said, "there will come a time for the saints, that if they don't know how to make it they won't have it!"  These were words I took to heart and I am now finding that it has blessed my life 100 fold.  Don't waste your time, learn all the skills you can for the blessing of your family.

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