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Thursday, August 05, 2010

This has been am amazing transition, I might be able to survive after all!  But it's only might.  My scanner doesn't work so I have to find a new one here.  The kids are enjoying making friends and are the rock stars of the school.  Although the parents are concerned that the Americans will corrupt their kids.  

Dave works 6 days a week and the kids go to school 6 days a week.  I am doing laundry every day because we don't have dryers here and it has to be hung up to dry.  Luckily our porch is covered because it is monsoon season and it rains a lot.  If it rains it takes all day for one very small load to dry.  The washer is tiny.

The staff here is bending over backwards to meet our needs. Our apartment is cleaned twice a day. (Remember I am the only one here all day) I have a "boy" who runs all the errands, a driver and they are in the process of hiring a housekeeper, one wonders what I am suppose to do??

We live on the 4th floor, and I have an amazing view of the city from my office window.  

I hope to get a windows operating system installed on my computer this weekend (if I can find it in Bhuj) so I can load up my genealogy software and get to work on family history. I'm trying VMFusion for running windows on my Mac.

I also hope to begin designing quilts again.  Lots of incredible fabric available here in India.

We received an e-mail from my son's new Mission parents, President and Sister Baker.  Included was this wonderful picture of my son, Mike who is currently serving a Spanish speaking mission for our church in Los Angeles, California. I now have the picture on my desk top to greet me each morning.  It is so wonderful to be able to see him.  I miss him so much.  He was always making me laugh.  He would love India.  I can't wait until he visits us here.  He is so supportive of our move here and reminds us to missionary work.

I made the banana muffins that I wrote about in my last post they turned out great!  I highly recommend the recipe.  We go to a miller and get fresh ground flour here.  There is no need to have your own personal wheat grinder.  You can tell them how you want the wheat ground, what type of wheat to use etc.  It is a wonderful perk of living in India. I didn't have as good of luck with my first attempt at bread making.  I don't think I kneaded the dough as long as I should have.  I am not use to mixing bread dough by hand so I will attempt to make it again today and hopefully it will turn out better.

I have begun preparing for seminary.  I am still awaiting the manuals from the church.  I found a wonderful talk by Jay Jensen, "Remember also the Promises", Ensign, Nov 1992, p. 80 it can be found at the following link:

In the talk he discussed watching for 2 types of promises when reading the scriptures.  Promises for this life and Promises for the next life.  He suggested that we have two columns and record the scripture references under the column they pertain to. He also discussed some types of promises such as the promises of power.  I will enjoy using this method as I study my scriptures each day.

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