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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Drive HangZhou

Went for a Sunday drive today around the city and stumbled upon some beautiful sights.  It appears to be a tourist part of Hangzhou of course it's hard to tell for sure as it is currently spring festival.  Fireworks are once again going off outside our balcony.  It was a beautiful clear day today, something that hasn't occurred much since moving here. 

I made some amazing peanut bars this week that we enjoyed.  They remind me of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  More peanut butter though.  I found the recipe here:  We fortunately had all of the ingredients available.  The first recipe I found required graham crackers. I haven't found those in China.  I am sure they are available I just haven't found them. Also, as chocolate chips are very expensive, you can just melt a chocolate bar on top of the peanut butter filling.

It was branch conference today at church Dave was called as first counselor in the Elders Quorum.  Hopefully he will help to strengthen the Hangzhou Branch. The Lord still has no need of me.  Sure does feel strange not to have a calling and yet it is probably a good thing.  I am not comfortable traveling about by myself so it's better this way.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Very Versatile Striped Beanie by Deja Jetmir

I finished another hat for my son Mike.  Tim is modeling it for the pictures as Mike was still in the USA when I took the pictures.  The pattern, Very Versatile Striped Beanie, was very easy to follow.  It was my first time trying the magic adjustable loop.  She has nice graphics with the pattern that were easy to follow and helped me to have nice even rows when changing colors (something that isn't easy crochet).
I used Knitpicks chroma fingering weight in Rainbow and gray.  The yarn is a wool and nylon combination.  It is so soft and has a silky feel to it.  There was enough yarn left that I could make another hat with it.  I did attempt to make a pair of crocodile booties with it, but this pattern wasn't as easy for me to follow.  I could do the v stitches that turned into the cool scales just fine the problem was the row that begins the scales has you chain 7 for a strap and then it doesn't fit into the pattern any more.  I emailed the designer asking for help, hopefully I will hear back from her because I think it's a cute pattern and would love to make them.  Meantime I am once again working on my sock blanket.  I knit 6 more blocks yesterday.  It's nice to have a mindless pattern waiting in the wings.

I am not sure what project to take on next.  I have a lot of yarn that I brought from the United States as well as some beautiful fingering weight silk that I purchased here in China.  I'll have to spend some time hunting up a new project.  Or maybe I will try my hand at the crocodile booties again. (4 attempts seems like a reasonable try).  I am blessed to have such wonderful hobbies.  They make me feel at home no matter where I am.

I also have my sewing machine with me and I purchased some wonderful scottie dog material to make a baby quilt for my new grand child that is expected Aug 2013.  The baby's watch dog is a Scotty/Dachshund mix named Jack. Jack was rescued from the pound when our dog Pokey died.  We took Pokey there to be cremated and KC wondered back to look at what dogs they had and fell in love with Jack.  I must admit he is a wonderful addition to our family.

Return to Hangzhou

My sons hiding the bride.
 I returned to Hangzhou this month after spending time in the United States for my daughter Tricia's wedding to Daniel Gaillard, on Dec 28, 2012.  It was a wonderful week spent with family and friends.  My brother and sister, 2 of my nephews and one of my nieces came.  We were also blessed to have my Aunt Maxine as well as my cousin Phetney and her husband, Joe join us.
My beautiful daughers.

My favorite pictures is of Tricia dancing with her father to a Frank Sinatra song.  They had the fedoras handed to them as they danced.  They looked wonderful dancing together.  The song was "Fly Me to The Moon."

Mom and Dad with the happy couple.