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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since I have been able to post to my blog. We moved to Utah in June and my computer died during the move. Not fair. For those of you are are doing the Not So Ugly Sunshine Sampler and have eagerly awaiting the next blocks please accept my apology for not posting the blocks. I am posting all the blocks in the sampler today! Come back in November and I'll be posting pictures of the completed sampler as well as borders etc.

Not So Ugly Sunshine Sampler
Guidelines: “The rules” - choose 1 fabric that you can use some of in every block. We are suggesting you have 2 yards of the fabric so you’ll have enough to make it though the project. It doesn’t matter where you use the fabric in the block. (Sometimes mine will end up as the background). We would also like to see a little orange or yellow in every block. The second Monday of every month a new block will be posted. Each block is finished at12”. There will also be alternative block posted and then some fun stuff like a Crockpot recipe as well. I will post the new blocks here as well as on the list. I can’t wait to see what everyone does with these blocks!

Our first block is just a fun block for Valentines day....
http://www.quilthoo tulip_hill Check out this cute quilt with tulips and hearts for valentines day...Now on to the sampler blocks..
Block number one is
http://quilting. od/blockofthemon th/ss/all_ hallows.htm you'll need to scroll down to the 12" size.

And choice number two is....
http://delawarequil OldMaidsPuzzle/ index.html
There is a folder in the file section of the group that will have the links listed just in case you need to find them again.
Complements of Teri and Sandi this months recipe is....

http://allrecipes. com/Recipe/ Fragrant- Lemon-Chicken/ Detail.aspx
February Bonus Block: For those who are eagerly awaiting March -

March Blocks can be found here! I sure enjoyed making both these blocks. I think you will also.

March’s yummy recipe is:

April’s Blocks can be found here!

Aprils’ recipe is:

May’s Blocks can be found here!

June’s blocks can be found here

And Since I am moving here are July’s blocks

August Blocks

September Blocks

October Blocks