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Sunday, June 13, 2010

As many of you know, our life has been very topsy turvey these last 7 years  concerning employment.  It has lead to some interesting learning and forced me out of my comfort zone.   If has helped me to learn to be more resourceful and frugal.  I have also been spurred into learning ways to supplement my husbands earnings by developing patterns for quilting which I taught in local quilt shops near where we lived and also developing my skills as a genealogist.  I will begin to post the quilt patterns here for free on my blog with the understanding that they are copyrighted by me and you may use them for your own personal use only.  If you are quilt instructors or quilt shops and you would like to be able to use them, please contact me for permission to do so. I have developed methods in quilt making to make my fabric go as far as possible. During recent I haven't had the money necessary to purchase fabric to feed my desire to create.  It is my hope that others will benefit and be able to continue quilting with the fabric on hand during these tough economic times we find ourselves in.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask and I would love it if you would send pictures of your completed quilts for all to see. I will be posting my first quilt pattern later this month. 

We are in the process of moving to India.  The movers come on Tuesday and tell me we will have our stuff in India in 7 to 10 days.... We shall see.  My husband is currently making his way back to India and we will join in later this week (depending on visa's and travel arrangements) Other than Canada I have not spent any time outside the United States so I am looking forward to the adventure of meaning people in other lands and learning new and exciting things.

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