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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Monkey Around the Yard Quilt Pattern

Here is my latest design.
Monkey around the yard.  It uses five different fabrics, one yard each.  The pattern can be found here :

If you make the quilt please be sure and share a picture.  I would love to see how your quilt turned out.

We have been quite busy adjusting to India,  I had a major success in making food like home this past week though.  I made scalloped potatoes with cheddar cheese powder and real bacon bits!  The boys loved it.   I did a typical scalloped potato recipe with with potatoes, milk, onions and flour.  To that I added 1.2 c cheddar cheese powder (which I purchased at Walmart, when I was in the United States) mixed with 1 cup of boiling water.  I layered the potatoes, milk, onions, bacon bits and cheese and baked at 350 degrees.  It turned out great and I will definitely cook it again.


julie said...

Just found you via stashbusters. Thank-you so much for this free pattern.

MJ said...

You are very welcome