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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Mehndi Adventure in India

Mehndi hand painting, Liz had her hands and legs painted and then bought the stuff needed to take to America with her for the ultimate sleepover activity.  The designs are very intricate and beautiful.  It goes on like a your are decorating a cake, the same type of bag is used to apply the paint, which is actually a clay like substance.  You then let the paint dry for 24 hours before chipping it off (which makes a horrible mess)  and you are left with the designs.  They would make wonderful quilting designs something that I will explore when I get back from my visit to America. That said, I really hope none of my children ever get a permanent tattoo.  It is startling and not in a good way every time I see Elizabeth's.  And I keep telling her to go and wash her hands.  She just rolls her eyes!  By the way, you are encouraged to not wash your hands for the 20 or so days it is on your hands because the water wears it away.  Elizabeth is thankfully not following that tradition.

We found some wonderful clothing when we went shopping this week which was important as I will be taking some back to the US for my daughters,  Liz loves the leggings that they make here.  She says they are very comfortable.  I am having 3 more dresses made from some wonderful fabric that I found while shopping.

The really great thing is they fit the tops to you while you wait if they don't fit you!

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Pat from FL and MI said...

What an exciting adventure you're on, Little Miss Yackety Yack! Thanks for sharing.