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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Hey happy 9th day of december, only 15 more days until Christmas!  I have a table runner that I have been designing that I must finish this week, hopefully I can get back into sewing.  It has been so cold here and there is no heat so I spend my days curled up with knitting watching classic television and old movies.  I am told it will be even colder in January.  I have a space heater on my Christmas list but since the electrical here is so poor it wouldn't be as safe to have one as I'd like.  I also have a puppy on my Christmas list.  We will see what Santa brings me!

I thought I would talk a little about marking quilts.  I use an old stand by.  I use shards of soap.  We use Dial soap, my husband loves it's antibacterial properties and as it gets down to the end I save the slivers and they are wonderful for marking darker fabrics, I haven't had a problem with them leaving stains yet.  I also like the price!  I also use a soft lead pencil for marking applique work, it rubs off and I usually turn it under when I am sewing.

I took a look at "Go" advertised on the Quilt Show, I couldn't believe they wanted $1200 for the thing.  Then you still have to buy more dies.  Does anyone have one of these. Is it worth the money?   I still like to preserve my money for fabric (I just buy less and have to love what I buy) so anything that would make that big of a hit in my budget would have to be a real time saver.

I found a nice blog this week that I thought I would share with you.  You can find it here:

She has a nice videos some nice crazy quilt patterns which are always a great way to use up fabric!  Have a great week everyone and I'll see you next week.


Splinters and Threads said...

wow, was that a stateside price? If so, that markup was about 900%. They are under $400. They have a deal right now that you can get:
If you want only the cutter, it's $349:

MJ said...

That was bundle price that the company had advertised with "all" the start up stuff needed and several dies.