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Thursday, December 25, 2008

I am getting a new nephew soon (any day in fact) and I made him a "Boys will be boys quilt" . My sweet husband Dave is holding the quilt. He also was kind enough to quilt the quilt for me so that we could get the quilt to his sister sooner. I had taken the quilt along with 2 others to Everlasting Stitches in Holt Michigan to be quilted. When on left the quilt on 3 September I was told it would be less than 8 weeks. I called at 8 weeks to see when it would be done and was told she would be getting to it the next week. I was in Holt the Saturday before Thanksgiving and went to the quilt shop. Now in excess of 12 weeks of when I dropped off the quilts and was told that she could do one the following week if I wanted. I brought all the quilts home and have decided to quilt them myself. I do realize that life happens with quilters as with anyone but if you can't make the commitment don't you think she could have called and let me know?? Fortunately it only put me behind in my Christmas presents just a bit because I have a quilting machine that I can use, I feel sorry for those who have to depend on outsiders to finish their quilt! Our family is celebrating Christmas on January 16th because my oldest son is in Germany and won't be returning home until the 15th of January so that gives me lots of time to make Christmas which is good because my husband is unemployed and there is no money for Christmas. We are having a homemade Christmas. It is so good that I have such a stash of fabric with which to work with!

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Suz said...

Did you design this Boys Will Be Boys? It's absolutely adorable. I love your blogsite, and haven't even seen it all, yet! Thanks for sharing your creations: they have truly inspired me.