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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"For my part, I have concluded that the quality which set one man apart from another-the factor which lifts one man to every achievement to which he reasonably aspires while the other is caught in the slough of mediocrity for all the years of his life-is not talent, nor formal education, nor luck, nor intellectual brilliance, but is rather the successful man's greater capacity for self-discipline. All you need to do is this: Beginning this very day, stop doing some one thing you know you should not do." Benjamin N Woodson

This quote was taken for "The Message Go For it" by Elder M. Russell Ballard, New Era, Mar 2004.

This is something I am going to strive to do in 2009. Also, I am going to each day my best to add something I know I should be doing even if only for that day. Things like not eating sugar. Maybe it could be not starting anything new in my sewing room, even if just for a day. Concentrate on finishing up all the things I started over the years and then I was interrupted with a move or life and put it aside. It's great fun to finish projects so I need to concentrate on that. This year my goal for sewing is to be a frugal quilter. Work on finishing projects, work on creating patterns and marketing them in the local quilt shop so I can once again earn money by teaching the patterns. Not spending on fabric unless it is something I need to complete something I am working on.

For knitting I plan on trying to do new things with the socks I knit, try new patterns and new techniques and keep working on it until I can accomplish whatever it is. To this end I will be participating in a couple of knit-alongs via Yahoo groups. That way I can work with others and ask questions if I need to.

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