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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not So Ugly Sunshine Sampler of 2009 is finished!
Wow, it was fun to design but even more fun to have it completed. This quilt was made for me!  In all my years of quilting I usually make quilts that I give as gifts, taught classes from etc.  But never in all those years have a created a quilt just for me!  I used only fabric I had on hand.  It was actually a challenge on the stashbusters list to choose an ugly fabric from your stash for the quilt.  The fabric I choose is the roses.  Not so much that it is ugly but because I had so much of it and had used it and used it.  I wanted to be done using it!  All the fabric came from my stash, even the backing fabric which I would show you but it's only a quilt back of white on white fabric.  It took so long to get it quilted and who would have thought back in 2009 that I would be putting the finishing touches on it in India!  It fits a king size bed, my husband is 6' 4" tall so no small beds for us, even with the king size he just fits!

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